项目介绍 Regular Programs Introduction:

It is always our pleasure to meet different families' expectations on Chinese learning 请根据您的具体情况选择适合的中文学习课程

1. MaLiPing (MLP) textbook program; Sunday afternoon (2pm or 4pm); 5 years old and above 周日马立平教材课程 ($305 tuition including classroom cleaning fee)

If you are new student, please purchase the MLP textbook; if you are returned student, please check if your child has already finished the previous textbook. 如果您是第一次加入中文学校,请同时购买教材 。如果您的孩子已经在中文学校就读,请查看一下孩子上个学期的课本是否已经学完,或者咨询本班老师,就知道是否需要购买更高年级的教材了。Also for new students, our teachers will test his/her Chinese level on the open house day 8/14, then suggest which grade he/she will attend, and you can get the textbook on that day correspondingly. 老师会在8月14日开放日的时候,为新生做中文水测试,以次来推荐您的孩子上几年级。您也可以在当日领取相应年级的教材。

If your children are able to communicate in Chinese, we would encourage you to start with this MLP program, which is designed for Chinese speaking families, growing up in US. 如果您的孩子可以听懂普通话, 我们鼓励他参加马立平课程。这是专门为在美国出生长大的中国家庭孩子设计的中文教程。老师会根据不同家庭的期望值,适当为孩子设计不同难度的挑战。

The kindergarten students read and sing interesting Chinese poems following the teacher, although they do not know how to read or write independently yet, they would enjoy the group learning environment, build up confidence and interest on Chinese learning 5岁学前班孩子以中文儿歌诵读为主。 The 1st grade starts learning 100-300 Chinese characters, and very basic reading and writing. 一年级的识字量逐渐增大到300汉字,配合基础阅读与书写。 The 2nd grade explore more writing and reading 二 年级继续扩充识字量和提高阅读能力. The 3rd grade starts leaning Pinyin for Chinese typing on computers. 三年级开始练习汉语拼音输入法。The 4th and 5th grades keep improving reading ability, and start to practice Chinese writing. 四年级和五年级不断提高中文阅读分析理解能力(瓶颈期)。 The 6th and 7th grade focus on writing ability. 六、七年级着重培养孩子的中文写作能力。The 8th and 9th grade will explore more professional reading and writing, and deeper understanding of Chinese culture. 八、九年级的阅读和写作将带你深入学习了解中文文化。 The 10th grade will connect to the college AP program十年级对接大学中文系课程。

We will encourage and help your child over come the difficulties in Chinese learning, and start enjoying the beauty of the language and culture. 我们会鼓励和帮助您的孩子努力克服中文学习中的困难,真正体会到汉语和中国文化的魅力

2. YoungChinese Online Live Class 阳阳中文网上课程 ($295 for group class; $395 for private one-to-one class)

If you are new student, please select YoungChinese textbook when checkout. If you are returned students, please check with your teacher to see if you need to purchase the higher grade textbook. 如果您是新生,请结账时同时购买课本。如果您已经就读阳阳课程,请咨询你的老师。

YoungChinese program offers 1-1 customized class and group class sizes. The curriculum is designed on its unique YoungChinese live class platform which is engaging, interactive and fun. The textbook of "YoungChinese Dialogue" helps kids build up interpersonal skills of listening and speaking, as well as reading and writing skills. 阳阳中文运用独特的直播课平台,集音频视频课件,互动性和娱乐性为一体,寓教于乐。阳阳中文着重锻炼孩子们的中文交流能力,以听说为主,读写为辅,并且提供“一对一”私教课程。上课时间自由灵活,课后可免费观看回放录像继续学习。

YoungChinese program mainly targets at non-heritage learners who speak 100% English or 50% English and 50% Chinese at home. Also, if you feel the MaLiPing testbook is too difficult to follow, or you do not have time driving back and forth, this YoungChinese program will be a good option for you. We will have pre-assessment and placement to make sure it best fits your kid's interests and needs. 如果您不方便周末来中文学校的话,我们为您提供了阳阳中文线上教学。每个学期末结束会举办现场见面活动。 上课时间您可自行与老师协调。 负责人胡老师的联系方式是JHu@shslou.org


3. Non-heritage IN-PERSON program 非继承语课程 ($305 tuition for elementary class; $360 for middle school and high school classes, all including classroom cleaning fee)

If your children speak English only, he/she might be more suitable to attend this non-heritage program, which focuses on Chinese speaking and listening, and basic level of writing and reading. Different from the YoungChinese program, this non-heritage program provides in-person classes at KCS on the weekends.

We use YCT text book designed for non-heritage students who are 5-12 years old. The class is schedule don every Sunday afternoon.

For middle school students, we have been using HSK textbook, and the classes are scheduled on every Saturday afternoon.

If you are new student, please also select the textbook when checkout. If you are returned students, please ask your teacher to see if you need to purchase the higher grade textbook.

4. Adult program 周日成人课程 ($360 tuition including classroom cleaning fee)

If you are new student, please also select Adult HSK textbook when checkout. If you are returned students, please check with your teacher to see if you need to purchase the higher grade textbook.

We also provide classes for adult. A lot time, since the parents are waiting for kids, thus it is a good opportunity to learn Chinese for themselves in the same time frame. 我们的成人课程主要面向美国家长,您可以在等待孩子上课的时间段,自己加入我们的成人学习班

For heritage students, we encourage you to keep learning Chinese to the AP program (college level).

For non-heritage students, you can attend the HSK exam. HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) or the Chinese Proficiency Test is an international standardized exam which tests and rates Chinese language proficiency. Kentuckiana Chinese School is one of the certified official HSK test center in the US.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at kcschinese01@gmail.com 如果您有任何疑问或建议,请随时联系我们。


Address: 12305 Westport Rd Ste 202 Louisville, KY 40245


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